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Welcome to Poroszló, the gate of Lake Tisza!

Being one of the biggest settlements on the right coast of Lake Tisza along highway 33, our town is a host for the visiting guests. The area of the lake is 127 square kilometres and 60% of this is a rush-bed and dry land. To our town 55% of the Lake belongs administratively. Our quarters are of high standard and operates in the way that complies with the requrements of the present day. The hosts are kind, attentive, work for You.

Our town prefers nature tourism, but is not aversed to having a moderate amount of motor-boats which are located in our harbours. The wildlife of the area provides opportunity for fishing, hunting, swimming, but the ones who decide to stay on the beach are also provided with entertainment because there are opportunities for bicycle tours in a wonderful environment, horse-riding, coach and carriage tours, can visit our so-called "region-house" where there is a constant exhibition for the interested. Poroszló is not only a favoured place of water-sports, but birdmen also gladly like visiting the area, since brown-hawks, buzzards, red-footed falcons which are very rare and strictly protected, the gracefully flying gray and red herons, snow-white egrets or perhaps sea-pigs as they are drying themselves can be seen. The love is amazing with sea-mews surround their nestlings, or if you rest for a while during the tour you can hear the coots' deep cry. You can go on water-trips in several ways. For the one who likes silence and can stay on the water for a longer time the canoe-trips are recommended, thus they can observe the beauty that the reservoir has. The surface of the water covered by fairy-veil leave a permanent memory for the visitors as they appear between the large leaves of the water-lilies as small white spots.

The motor-boat trips in two or three hours can rove a huge area in magnificent paths as if they were hiding while going ahead. The one who desires to go fishing, here the most various kinds of fish can be found: from the small bream to the capital catfish, nearly 50 kinds of fish can be caught. But it is not only the summer season, but in the whole year when the fishermen can indulge in his passion. By bicycle one can make an excursion on the local bikeway or on the crest all around the lake. All members of the family can find the programs they like the most and at the end of the day returning tired back to the accomodation, the "gastronomical-tour" may begin, since our restaurants are country-famous and serves more and more delicious food with villagey kindness in an environment of high standard.

If one desires for an evening-walk after dinner, the sunset in the Great Hungarian Plain can be admired. If one is so fortunate to see the sunset on the lake can witness the redish-yellowish glowing miracle which we call "Golden-Bridge". But this doesn't end the day; the visitors must try fishing at night, which atmosphere will accompany you all year. Bacon-frying or cooking in a marmite outside in the evening while having a heart-to-heart talk, this is what we can offer you in Poroszló and with this we wish you to have a good time in the name of the self-government and the population of Poroszló.

Bornemisza János Mayor

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