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Sights to see in Poroszló

Poroszló, the home of nature-tourism

Poroszló is an ancient settlement on the right bank of the River Tisza. Even Anonymus mentions that Árpád's armies had camps under the "Földvár" (castle) of Poroszló. In 1445 the town got the rank of market-town.

In the Turkish times the town's monastery was destroyed, the temple of the Árpád-age was taken down, but instead of the latter the now is still used and admirable Calvinist Church (1793) and the Catholic Church (1797).


The parish-hall is also a monument-like building, which is located in the centre of the town. The palace of the Graefl family, which is one of the adorements of our town had been renovated and is capable of receiving guests. Some of the thousand-year-old oaks can be seen in Poroszló. The village's region-house shows the old folk crafts and several moments of village life in an original thratched-roof house.

The town's main attraction is the 127 square-kilometre Lake Tisza, that provides an excellent opportunity who likes water-sports, swimming, fishing, hunting, water-tours and eco-tours. The Bird Reservate which is a part of the World-Inheritance can be visited through the tours that are organized at the harbours. In the ancient alkaline soil of Poroszló one can still ride a horse, while you can still observe the rare bustard colony.

The ones who would like to relax are welcomed by more and more guest-houses and pensions, restaurants of high standard and harbours. Poroszló is also fine for a leisure time in winter. You can go ice-skating, sledging and what is very important: you can go fishing next to an ice hole. During this period the horse-sledge can be ridden. The town is accessible from the north from the M3 highway via motorway 33, from Miskolc through Mezőkövesd from Borsodivánka; or from the south on highway 4. going towards Tiszafüred from Karcag and the end is always Poroszló.

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